Electrical Safety Regulations

As a large number of societies handle electricity distribution operations internally, they should know about the regulations with respect to electrical safety and how they apply to them.


The regulation for electrical safety are covered under ‘Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electricity Supply) Regulations, 2010’. Electrical Items such as Diesel Generators, Transformers and Lifts are covered under this act for the electrical safety.

There are separate additional regulations for the safety of the different asset types. For example, the lifts are covered under the ‘Electrical Safety Regulations’ as well as under the regulations with respect to the lifts / escalators for the concerned state.

The regulations apply at the energizing state of the asset and at periodic intervals.

The electrical safety regulation is available at the following links:


(or visit the following link http://smartcommunity.in/housing-safety-and-security)

Let us see what this regulation says about the periodic inspection and testing of the installation:

30. Periodic Inspection and testing of installation – (1) Where an installation is already connected to the supply system of the supplier or trader, every such installation shall be periodically inspected and tested at interval not exceeding five years either by the Electrical Inspector or by the supplier as may be directed by the State Government in this behalf or in the case of installation belonging to, or under the control of the Central Government, and in the case of installation in mines, oilfields and railways by the Central Government.

(See page 203 of 367)

The lift/safety rules may be specific to the state. All of them are modelled on the same lines. You may visit the following page to find the relevant regulations for your state:


An example of such regulation is Haryana Lift and Escalator Act, 2008. In Haryana these regulations are exercised by Chief Electrical Inspectors Office (website link is http://haryana.gov.in/cei.asp ).


The regulation for Haryana is available at




For the lift, the regulation says the following:

Every lift which have been registered shall be inspected at least once in a period of three years by the Inspector. A fee of Rs. 1000/- (One thousand rupees only) shall be charged for such inspection, in addition to any other electrical installation testing fees.


(please see page 3 of 3 of the lift regulation)

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