Protocols for HEMS

The smart communities are driven by energy efficiency and end energy optimization. For the Urban home, there is an upward trend for cost of and amount of energy consumed. With the advancement in the technology, home energy management systems which focus on energy monitoring, appliance control and energy control are getting into focus.

There are great advances being made world-wide in HEMS. With these developments, there are frameworks, standards, communication protocols etc. being strengthened or developed to enable HEMS. there are many competing protocols. One key feature is that HEMS has to be internet connected. The data should be made available on the Internet and the decision making can happen via applications on the web. With this perspective, WiFi based HEMS solution have certain value proposition over other protocols. WiFi is already a dominating standard for wireless communication for HAN. It would be great if the smart appliances or home gadgets communicate over WiFi. It would allow a practical and feasible solution. There are competing standards such as signee, home plug, android home etc. They do not have such a wide adoption such as WiFi at homes and may have higher cost of adoption.Please share your thoughts and views.

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