Appliance Level Energy Monitoring

Almost all of us always claim that the monthly energy bill is not a true reflection of the energy actually being consumed by the devices. The fact of the matter is that though it sometimes may be true, we actually do not know what is the energy being consumed by our TV, Fridge or AC. Or for that matter, what is the energy being consumed by washing machine, microwave or air cooler.


Most of us buy 3-star or 4 star ACs. This is a great step for reducing energy consumption at the appliance level. But these appliances could actually be running longer than what we think or could be consuming more energy than design (the filter may be dirty, the room may have large air leakage, the lights / TV contribute to the heat as well). Also keep in mind that the older AC could be using twice the energy every month than the newer AC. There is significant energy being consumed by unrated devices such as TV, refrigerators.

So how do we know what is the energy being consumed by these devices? We do have a way to put appliance level energy meter which can track the energy consumption. Also, this appliance level energy consumption can be monitored on the website / cloud. An even more powerful functionality is that these devices can be connected or disconnected remotely.

Let us know if such a solution interests you. To implement such a solution for your home, you may reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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