How to reduce Lifts’ Energy Consumption

In a typical multi-story apartment, Lifts consume significant amount of energy. They could be consuming as much as 30-60 % of the common area energy (if there is no air-conditioning in common area locations). How to reduce this energy consumption? It is typically not feasible to replace the lifts with a more energy efficient model. Can there be operational philosophies which can be used to reduce the energy consumption?


Energy Conservation is a bit like hygiene factors. If there is focus on energy conservation, it does help to reduce the energy. The following strategies need to be adopted for the energy conservation / consumption reduction:

  1. Measure the energy being consumed -This is first step. It helps to set the target as well as it helps to measure the energy efficiency improvement.

  2. Benchmark Energy Consumption – There are a lot of local and seasonal variations in the usage of the lift. If there is no energy benchmark established, energy efficiency improvement cannot be achieved.

  3. Increase the Energy Awareness – Put posters / indicators for the amount of energy to be used for one trip of the lift. Do use this to convert into an environmental impact. It may not help significantly, but it is too inexpensive not to try.

  4. Increase the Lift Door Closing Timing – There is experimental proof that if there is delay in the door closure time, it helps to reduce the energy consumption. Of course, a balance is needed to be created to avoid inconvenience to the passengers.

  5. Fix LED Lights – The lifts typically have light on for significant time. Installation of LED lights can help in significant energy reduction as well as in improving the brightness.

  6. Avoid Parallel Lift Operation – There is significant energy consumption in case of a stand by lift. It can be as high as 50-70%. For off-peak hours, the society should avoid keeping a lift standby.

  7. Optimize Lift Usage Policy – Many societies have provision that Service providers including maids and servants should use the service lift. The service lift is typically bigger. A change in usage philosophy could avoid usage of service lifts and help in reducing the energy consumption.


There are a few more things which can be done for energy conservation and we would touch them in one of the subsequent blog. Please do share your comments. Please do write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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