Value Proposition for RWA

RWA board or the office bearers carry out activities which are akin to the management of a small company. They however rely significantly on manual systems, paper registers and electronic content on individual laptops.

A company or corporate has corporate systems and repositories where such information is maintained. In case of RWA, they end up maintaining all such information on an manula, paper or individual basis. It reduces the information availability and usefulness. More than that once the office bearers change, all the soft copy records also go with them. It is a very tedious exercise for an office bearer to handover all the documents including personal emails. Thus a very important document repository gets lost. provides a content management systems internal to a society and the information is always available to the RWA members and residents.It is also very important to have a clean list of current apartment owners, tenants and residents. Unless this is stored as a master data information, it would never remain updated. Any exercise which requires communicating to all the residents and members needs an authentic data every time. allows for the master data to be maintained in an robust and professional process with owner move in/out and resident shift in/out.

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