Move-in and Move-out processes

Residential complexes need to maintain two critical master data- one is who owns the apartment and the second is who resides in the apartment. More often than not, this information is available in registers, files, excel spreadsheets and desktop applications.

An owner or a tenant can reside is an apartment. Most of the time, this information is available with the facility management but in manual format. Accessing this information easily becomes tedious task and the information is available only at one central place that too in a paper form.The data is important from various purposes such as communication and security. The society also needs to know which apartments are occupied and how many people are staying in the apartments. Many of the residents are provided with access cards and club identity cards as well. The validity and applicability of all this information is critical as well as it has to be resident friendly.The industry such as utility industry already uses move in and move out processes for to keep this information up to date. A residential society however has even more complexity and need to manage two related buy different processes – one is move in/out and the other is shift in/out. The move in/out process handles the ownership changes while the shift in/out process handles the residents shifting in or out of the has a comprehensive process to manage the movement master and shifting master.

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