Online Complaint Management System

Most of the modern apartment complexes provide for a help desk to register and resolve residents’ problems and complaints. These help desk maintain a physical register where they can log the complaints received on phone or in person. These complaints are then manually assigned to the staff. These complaints could be of the type electrical, water/plumbing related, civil, carpentry, billing, security etc. The physical register works fine on day to day basis. But it does not help to provide any statistics or analytics. It also does not provide for the performance indicators and / or staff’s productivity. It also does not provide easy information about the chronic problems. They need an online complaint management system. provides an online complaint register. It is a very user friendly process. Instead of writing the complaints on a register, the help desk person writes the complaints on an on-line complaint register. Even more useful is a process that a resident can directly log a complaint in the system. The resident can log a complaint any time and from anywhere. Thus by default it creates an electronic record which becomes essential for statistics and analytics. More importantly, the resident gets an email for the complaint creation and as well as complaint status update including completion. It helps to give huge comfort to the resident that the problem is being attended.There are also quite a few problems which require a specialized or an outside vendor. Also some of the problems are of long term nature and cannot be solved immediately. An automated process for the same goes a long way to track and resolve the problem.Many times, society provides these services on a payment basis. Running a payment process with manual records would be a night mare. Such a system goes long way for the things such as to measure the technician productivity and to arrange for adequate technician capacity to carry out the tasks and jobs. The system is also integrated with the maintenance management system so the administration can see all the maintenance jobs in totality.

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