Paperless Community

You are very happy to get your bills in the paper form every month. Do you know environment footprint of one paper?  8000 sheets of paper are responsible for the loss of one tree. Add the environment impact of manufacturing the paper in a paper mill, transporting the paper to the destination, adding quoting on the paper, environment cost of the printing ink, cost/effort involved in the distribution of the paper, disposal of the paper and you may suddenly realize how environment unfriendly the process is.


 Do you still want to get paper bills from your society. And then file them in a file.  

What if you get soft bills into paper bills! What if you can see the data on the website anytime anywhere! What if you can avoid going to the office to pay the bill!

Imagine that most of the transactions in a sociey can be done in electronic world; would it not be more environment friendly.

Please avoid paper. Please be part of a smart community.

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