Electricity Tariff hike for Delhi for the year 2013-14

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has announced the new tariffs applicable for Delhi for the year 2013-14 (effective from Aug 2013 and valid till new tariffs are approved). The link for the new tariffs for Delhi can be accessed at http://www.smartcommunity.in/electricity-tariffs-for-residential/161-electricity-tariffs-in-delhi/263-delhi-2013-14.

Please note that most of utilities in India have increased power tariffs substantially in the year 2013-14. The Tariff rise has mostly been due to higher electricity generation tariffs. Many of the utilities have been having significant AT&C (aggregated technical and commercial losses) and higher tariff is expected to help them improve the monetary losses. The tariff at Delhi are still lower than many other parts of India and the electricity supply at Delhi continues to be more reliable than many other places in India.

Citizens may not have control over the energy prices. Though, they can always have to systems for better monitoring of their energy usage and take actions to reduce the energy usage.

Let us know your thoughts on the new tariffs in Delhi.

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