Resident Billing by Apartment Societies in UP

 A large number of residential societies in UP in places such as Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, buy electricity in bulk from the electricity distribution company and supply/bill electricity to the residents. What rate should they bill the residents at?



Many of these societies bill the resident based on an average rate which they determine by dividing the total bill by the number of bulk units purchased. The bulk societies buy power based on the following rates:

Supply at Single Point for bulk loads (2013-14):


Fixed Charge

Energy Charge

For Townships, Registered Societies, Residential Colonies, multi-storied residential complexes (including lifts, water pumps and common lighting within the premises) with loads 50 kW and above with the restriction that at least 70% of the total contracted load is meant exclusively for the domestic light, fan and power purposes and for Military Engineer Service (MES) for Defence Establishments (Mixed load without any load restriction).  

Rs. 70.00 / kW / Month

Rs. 4.50 / kWh


Also the regulation says:

The body seeking the supply at Single point for bulk loads under this category shall be considered as a deemed franchisee of the Licensee.

Thus the society should be considered as a deemed franchisee. Thus the society should bill the residents as though the distribution company would have them billed as individual consumers. Therefore the society should bill them as per the domestic customer rates (which are slab based). Please find the rates applicable in 2013-14 as below:


Consumption Range

Fixed Charge

Energy Charge

All loads

Upton 200 kWh / month

Rs. 75.00 / kW / month

Rs. 4.00 / kWh

201 – 500 kWh / month

Rs. 4.50 / kWh

Above 500 kWh / month

(From 501st unit onwards)

Rs. 5.00 / kWh



0 #2 smartcom 2014-01-13 10:57
There are essentially two questions - one is whether the society can charge flat rate and the second is whether the society can put pre-paid meters. On the first issue, the flat charges by the society should be less than the slab based tariff as per UPERC domestic consumer slab (as in the article). If the flat charges are not less, the society is not following the correct legal process.
On the issue of pre-paid meter, there is no clear regulation. Our view is that if the members of the society agree and pass on a resolution to bill themselves on pre-paid basis, that is fine. Also every consumer's consent is required to provide pre-paid for his/her connection.
0 #1 Mukesh Rout 2014-01-13 10:04
Our society is charging us on flat tariff every month via pre-payment meters. Is it ok.

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