2014-15 Domestic Tariff in UP

UPERC has published new tariff for the state of UP. The salient points of this tariff order are as follows:



  1. The new tariffs are applicable from 1st Oct 2014.

  2. For the metered domestic category, there is marginal increase in tariff due to re-classification of the tariff category. For a consumer with 500 units consumption in a month, the energy charges go up by around 3.4% while for 1000 units consumption, the energy charges go up by 6.9%.

  3. There is however substantial rise in the bulk domestic energy charge rate. This rate has gone up by 16.7%. Thus the consumers in the high rise apartment societies would pay much higher charges than the individual domestic consumers

  4. The UPERC has also mentioned that a consumer in an apartment society has an option to take an individual domestic connection. It is however not known whether it would be practically possible.

  5. Our view is that for the societies which are being served by low reliability of power, are better served by single point connections.


You may see the more details for the tariff summary and detailed tariff order at the following link:



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