Smart Parking Management

Number of parking spaces is always limited into every society. A society needs to manage allocation of the parking based on ownership and availability. At the same time, the society needs to manage the visitor vehicles. There is great scope of automation in the whole vehicle and parking management process. How can help in the process. master data model and application handles the process of attaching one or multiple parking units to an apartment /flat etc., renting /re-renting of the parking units, allotment of the stickers for a vehicle against a person staying in the allottee /rentee apartment and the cancellation of the stickers. Thus an updated record is maintained in the system. The facility administration can easily work out and work out the invalid stickers. The resident can always view the system to view their parking and the stickers allocated against their vehicles.

There is further automation possible. The vehicle sticker can actually be a vehicle tag. The society can install a tag to identify a valid car, install an automated barrier to allow the valid vehicles in the system and install a reader to record incoming and outgoing vehicles from the society. The system can also carry out validating or invalidating the vehicle tag.

The interesting point is that provides the infrastructure to carry out all these processes with some enhancement and integration.

Can something more be done – can the vehicle be parked only at the allocated place; can the vehicle theft be detected. Watch out this space!

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