Selection of Security Service Provider

Comprehensive security is one of the most important value proposition of modern apartment society living. At the same time, the apartment societies are normally not satisfied with the quality of security services being provided. Once in a while, a society changes the security agency for want of better services. But this experiment is not always successful.  How should an apartment society evaluate and change a security service provider?

The most often cited arguments with respect to the performance of a security service provider are – all security agencies are same, the security persons are poorly paid so not much service should be expected out of them, all the security agencies employ the security persons from the same pool of talent etc. There is some truth in these assertions. However, a society should always need to look at an opportunity of how to improve the things in the choices available.


In our view, the most important consideration in security service is who owns the security process. The most important gap for many of the societies is that they leave the ownership of the process to the security service provider. Of course, the security service provider plays an important role in the process definition but they should not own it.

So, a society needs to documents its security process and set up an evaluation criteria based on this documented process. The society also needs to document the training and handover processes. The society needs to follow robust monitoring mechanism based on SLA documented.

Now let us come to the evaluation and selection of the security agency:

The evaluation criteria do need to include the following:

  •  The track record of the owners and senior management of security service provider – The society should interview these people and do an evaluation of the intent, integrity and sincerity of these people.
  • The documentation of the services /reports being provided at other places – please check the quality of documentation being done at the other locations where the services are being provided
  •  Visit to other clients - Visit and talk to the guards at other locations being managed by the service provider
  •  Compliance Evaluation – evaluate the service provider on the compliances such as police verification, training certification. Minimum wages etc. for the existing staff.
  • Record Keeping process – Please check the records keeping systems and processes at the security agency.
  • Contractual terms and conditions

In our view, following the above may not provide the best security service provider. The more important steps are process design, security agency monitoring process, training process, SLA definition etc.  We would elaborate on these in our subsequent blogs.


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