How to Conserve Water


Water is an elixir of life. Should it become as rare as that? The modern societies are digging deeper and deeper into the earth to meet their requirements or taking tankers. This is not going to last forever. It is important for the societies to start conserving the water. Let us look at the kind of measures a society should take.


Our city planners have used a thumb rule of 200 litres of water per day per person in the urban society. The actual numbers tell a different story. Many societies use up to 500-600 litres of water per day per person. Do you have the numbers for your society? Let us consider a paradigm of Reduce, Recycle and Rejuvenate.




Society can use the following measures to reduce the consumption of water:


  1. Plug Leakages – It is important to plug all the water leakages. It is a sheer waste of resource. Significant amount of water gets lost due to the leakages

  2. Reuse RO waste water – A large number of homes use RO system for water purification. It is an effective system for the purification. Unfortunately, it results in huge amount of water wastage. For each litre of purified water produced, 4-5 litres of water get wasted. For a family of 4, they might be using 20-30 litres of RO water. Thus a family may waste 100-200 litre of water in a day. It is important for a society to put this water to productive use. At the individual level, each family should collect this water and reuse it for gardening and cleaning. The society can also invest into a separate piping to collect and use this water.

  3. Centralized Water Purification – A society should also consider improving the quality of the water being supplied to the flats so that the purification requirements at the flat are minimum. A society can also consider a centralized RO plant and supply the same to the flats instead of individual RO systems at the flats. The society can put the water meters and bill the residents for the use of RO water.

  4. Throttle the valves – Most of the taps give much higher flow than needed in the flats. A flat can consider throttling the supply to reduce the water flow.


There can be many more ways to reduce the water consumption.




Society should see how to effectively recycle the treated water. If the society is having effluent treatment plant, the can use the recycle water for gardening purposes. They can also consider improving the quality further and use the recycled water for toilet flushing or for cleaning purpose.




The societies are designed with concrete basement and they do not allow any water ingress into the earth. It is very important for the society to set up rain water harvesting system and rejuvenate the ground water. They should setup system to collect the rain water and setup storm water to fill the water harvesting pits and rejuvenate the earth.


Any reduction in the water consumption would automatically result in energy consumption reduction as well.


Of course, the most useful mechanism to save water would be to measure the water consumption at the individual house and bill the same to the residents. The tariff may not be significant; it however can become a very significant mechanism to incentivize the residents to save water and to penalize the residents who waste copious amount of water.

Please do share your thoughts and case studies on water conservation. If you require any help in implementing any of the measures listed above, please reach to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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