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There remains confusion among most of the people regarding applicability of RERA Act on Ongoing projects and also with regard to power of state Govt to exclude such Ongoing project or to dilute some of the provisions of the Act in Favor of builders.

In this regard, I am attaching herewith some most frequently asked Question which I hope will be able to clarify many doubts. 

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Electricity Meter numbers are important http://www.smartcommunity.in/blog/48-energy-management/214-electricity-meter-numbers-are-important http://www.smartcommunity.in/blog/48-energy-management/214-electricity-meter-numbers-are-important

A large number of societies which carry out electricity billing are not very careful with respect to the maintaining correct meter number information. As the meters get replaced, the society does not track the correct details about the new meter numbers. More surprisingly, we find many societies which use automatic meter reading system also do not track correct meter numbers. This clearly points to faulty automatic meter reading process. Let us consider more details.

]]> agrawal_atul@hotmail.com (Atul Agrawal) Energy Management Sun, 28 Feb 2016 18:25:03 +0530 An Accounting Software is not a Billing Software http://www.smartcommunity.in/blog/297-billing-and-payments/213-an-accounting-system-is-not-a-billing-system http://www.smartcommunity.in/blog/297-billing-and-payments/213-an-accounting-system-is-not-a-billing-system

Quite a lot of societies use accounting software as billing software as well. It meets many of their requirements but falls much short of good billing software. The society management is generally not expected to be aware of the differences between the accounting and billing software. Even the accountants employed by the societies are not aware of the same. Allow us to present key points.

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Communication to all the stakeholders including residents plays a very important role in society management. Also most of the communication happens by emails. Quite often, the RWA team and facility team use their personal email id to manage these communications.

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Let us look at a couple of issues which require clarifications as per UP Apartment Act 2010. The first issue is related with when the apartment owners’ association may form. The second issue is with respect to raising of the maintenance bill by the association.

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Get Your Society Website http://www.smartcommunity.in/blog/224-smartcommunity/210-get-your-society-website http://www.smartcommunity.in/blog/224-smartcommunity/210-get-your-society-website

The world has moved to information revolution. A web presence is one of the best ways to disseminate information to all the stakeholders. Most of the progressive housing co-operative societies do have a web presence. The Delhi Co-operative Tribunal and Office of Registrar Co-operative Societies have now mandated that each co-operative society should have its own website.

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