Master Data

Societies traditionally have challenges with the accuracy and the availability of the residents (owner / tenants and their family) data. The resident data modules make all the residents’ data available to the society administrator. This data is very useful for information dissemination as well as emergency communication.

The society administrators can maintain or update the data of residents, be it owner or tenant. They also maintain the contact details of the residents as well as their family data and vehicle data. Only the authorized administrator can update the residents’ data. The residents can also update the data through self-service option.

One of the most important aspects is the Privacy of the customer data. We ensure that no society administrator has access to the data of the other societies or no resident has access to the data of other residents. Also no data would be shared with any external party for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the permission of the residents or society. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details. Privacy Policy

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