Energy Management Introduction

Energy Management is an area of key concern as the societies and resident end up spending huge money on the same. They do want to have a clear perspective on where the energy is being used, can the energy be saved or conserved, can the energy wastage be identified or can the energy waste be reduced. The modules provide the features to monitor analyze and control the usage of energy.

  • Energy Audit

    The energy audit module is used to calculate the energy consumption and  energy losses for a society.

  • Energy Analysis

    Energy Analysis modules is used to analyse the energy consumed by the society by different energy sources and analyse the patterns and variations in the same.   

  • Smart Microgrid

    Advance energy control module is used to design and control the energy management options such as efficient DG operations. It may require installation of related hardware and instrumentation.

  • Smart Home

    SmartHome is your control panel to view, monitor and control your smart home devices and render the information on your in-home display device.

  • DG Monitoring

    Diesel Generator online performance monitoring is becoming increasing important specially in view of the rising cost of power as well as the environmental footprint of the diesel. Societies are very much concerned about the issues ranging from fuel loss / theft to DG efficiency or the cost of DG power. We bring the solution for online monitoring of Diesel Generators. We provide monitoring of the DG tank levels, energy meters etc. on real time basis and provide a business application monitor the diesel generator performance.

  • Online Meter Reading

    Online Meter reading module enables remote reading of energy meters, water meters and gas meters as needed.

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