Financial Modules

Financial modules are keys to managing the society finances. The society has to bill the residents for the essential services such as maintenance, electricity, electricity backups and water as well as non-essential services such as club, hall booking, event participation etc. The financial module helps managing the complete life cycle of financial transactions such budgeting, costing, billing, payments and analysis. It is also used to manage the association finances and events management. This also helps tracking the revenues generated by the society.

  • Metering

    The metering module is used for the metering and calculation of electricity, water or gas consumption (as applicable)for each unit. Even other units such as chilled water, AC Air, solar heated warm water can also be metered and billed.

  • Billing

    The billing module is used to generate the bills of services such as electricity, water, maintenance, club, property tax etc. for the residents. The module can also be used to upload bills into the system if the billing is being done in an external system.

  • Payments

    Payment module is used to manage the bill payments, arrears calculations and settlement processes. 

  • Online Payments

    On line payment module enables online payment via credit card, debit card or net banking.

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