How often have you felt to have the relevant regulation information at your fingertips? You do not want to run around to googles and multiple website to search and make sense whether a regulation is relevant or not.


Please find here useful content and resources such as society acts, housing regulations, electricity regulations, electricity tariffs, news links etc.


We have also listed electricity tariffs for all the states in a tabular form. It would work as a ready reckoner for your requirement to calculate and cross check your bills. The tariffs listed are for the residential segment such as domestic individual and housing colonies. You would also find commercial bulk tariff as sometime the residential colonies may need to make commercial bulk payments as well.


You would here information in three categories:


(A) Society Act and Regulations - It lists all the relevant society acts, co-operative housing society acts and urban planning acts.


(B) Electricity Regulations - This section gives you information about the laws and regulation at federal level as well as at the individual state level. It gives you quick links to all the relevant statutory bodies as well.


(C) Electricity Tariffs - Here you would find electricity tariffs for each estate of India for last few years in a tabular form. You would also find tariff orders as approved by the state electricity regulators for distribution companies. It is important to note that mostly the different distribution companies in a state in general have same tariffs but there are some zonal or regional differentiations in tariffs and one may need to look at the detailed tariff order to have a final view


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