Services Overview


Our core service offering is the cloud based business as on subscription model.


We also provide the following services to our clients:


  • Billing Audit and Assurance


We carry out the audit of the electricity, water, sewerage bills being received from the utilities and civic authorities based on the consumer category, tariff plans and regulations. Our experience is that there are huge savings possible in the process.


  • Energy Audit


Every society has an experience that they have significant energy losses and unaccounted energy. We help societies to collect the data for the same, calculate the losses and analyse the losses.


  • Process Setup


A society has to run like a utility organization and a lot of processes need to be setup considering the regulations, resident convenience and financial sustainability. We help to setup such processes. Some of the processes, which we help to setup are as follows:


    • Electricity Metering and Billing
    • DG Costing Processes and efficiency calculation
    • Review of standard operating procedures


  • Process and Performance Audit


We carry out process and performance audit of the existing society processes and systems in terms of communication, facility management and energy management.


  • Facility Management Company Selection, Evaluation and Contracting


Our experience and recommendation is that a society needs to have professional facility managers or professional Facility Management Company running after their affairs. We help societies to find and evaluate the facility managers / facility management companies and help to setup the contracts and SLA for these companies.


  • Setup of the Energy Management System including Monitoring and Execution


Use of technology goes a long way in monitoring and conserving the uses of electrical energy, water, gas etc. We help the communities select the right design, system and vendors for the energy monitoring systems including devices, sensors, gateways, meters etc.


  • Regulatory compliance audit of the systems and processes


Our experience has been the knowledge of regulations is inadequate with the society managers or RWA. The concerned people also change at frequent basis. On top of the same, the laws also change frequently. We carry out a compliance of various society processes with respect to regulations such as electricity supply, water supply, RWA elections, lifts safety, swimming pool NOC, fire safety compliance etc.


  • Setup of Diesel Generation Online Monitoring system


The societies use Diesel Generators for back-up power. They however always suspect the fuel losses and thefts and are concerned about the efficiency of the Diesel Generators. We help to setup an online data collection system with flow meters, level sensors and remote electricity metering to provide reporting on Diesel balance, Generator Efficiency, remote data availability etc.


  • Accounting Services


We feel that the societies need not have full time accountants to manage their affairs. Also the regular accountants are not necessarily well versed in society accounting, RWA accounting or co-operative society accounting. We provide specialized accounting services to the societies.


We also provide advisory services of the areas not explicitly mentioned above.


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