Subscription Guidelines is available for subscription basis with a very simple model. The subscription is based on number of units and based on functionality level. There are the following levels of functionality available:


(A)  Core Modules - Units Data, Resident Data, Move in / Move out, Online Complaint Management, Association Administration, Communications etc.

(B)  Financial Modules - Metering, Billing (Maintenance, Electricity*, Back-up Electricity, Gas etc.) Payments, Budgeting, Costing and Association Finances

* Electricity billing may be required if the society is a bulk buyer of the electricity and is responsible for billing to individual residents.

(C)  Energy Management Modules - Energy Audit, Energy Analysis, DG Monitoring, Automatic Meter Reading, Energy Consumption Monitoring, Smart Microgrid, Smart Home

The energy management may require certain hardware installation or refurbishment for full benefit as well and the same can be carried out as well.


  (D) Facility Management Modules - Asset Management, Attendance Management, Visitor Management, Parking Management.

The system would give unlimited access to the residents, facility administrators and society administrators (equal or less than units subscribed) for using the system for the subscribed modules.


The subscription would be paid out monthly in Advance. The units can be increased every month. Complete data would be provided to the society as and when they want to stop using the system.

Once a society or condominium subscribes signs, all the modifications and upgrades become available to it automatically.

There is no need to investment in computing hardware for the data centre or in the licensing cost.


There would be a one-time setup cost of the system.


To subscribe please drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or fill up the subscription form



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